Let Us Get Your Feet Wet!


In following safe guidelines of operation during this COVID-19 pandemic–combined with preparing for our upcoming move–our retail store hours are now (temporarily) by appointment only. Please email us to schedule your visit!

Supreme Reefs is your home for finding Supreme quality corals, fish, and inverts.

Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or you’re already fully immersed, Supreme Reefs has the perfect addition for your saltwater tank!

Supreme Reefs is a full-service shop that carries corals, frags, exotic fish, and inverts. More than that, we are the result of over 20 years of dedication and expertise in the hobby as well as providing design, installation, and consultation services for saltwater aquariums.

At Supreme Reefs, you can find the corals and inverts you can’t find anywhere else—right in your own backyard.

We Are

Supreme Reefs propagates all our corals in-house after receiving them – we don’t immediately cut for sale. This means you are getting a healthier, more vibrant inhabitant to introduce to your ecosystem.


Supreme Reefs is for everyone–from those just getting into the hobby to the professional collectors, we have a solution to fit your tank and skill level.


High prices don’t necessarily mean a good product. We believe high value is stocking the best products, no matter the source, and propagating the best corals, no matter the cost.


Can’t visit us in person? Shop for exquisite corals from Supreme Reefs wherever you are at our Online Store!