Bobby Paulini, Mo Komaily & Ben Nguyen

Interested in your own Supreme Reef?

Supreme Reefs also has a maintenance division to bring the reef to your home or office. Anything from consultation through set-up and regular maintenance scheduling, we can work with you to create your perfect personal oasis.

Supreme Reefs first began as an outlet for one enthusiastic hobbyist in 2014. Ben Nguyen, frustrated with the lack of truly beautiful and exotic corals in Northern Virginia, began propagating and selling his own superior frags online and at trade shows. After a successful first few years, Supreme Reefs began to build a loyal following of customers who trusted Ben’s products for their consistent top quality, and who further trusted his expertise in designing and maintaining their aquariums.

Supreme Reefs grew quickly into a thriving storefront when Ben met Dr. Mo Komaily in June of 2017:

“I knew nothing about saltwater aquariums. I’m a chiropractor, you see, but after many discussions with Ben, I successfully maintained my tank for years. That is why when Ben came to me a year ago with the idea of Supreme Reefs, I didn’t hesitate to agree. Ben has been in the hobby for over 20 years, and you will know it after talking to him for less than a minute!”

A combined love of saltwater aquariums is the foundation of Supreme Reefs, and you can tell when you walk in the doors. Our dedication to providing expert knowledge and superior products for both the beginner and advanced hobbyist is unparalleled. We are located in Northern Virginia, but work with aquarium enthusiasts and experts around the world. We’d love to work with you to make your saltwater tank truly Supreme!

Supreme Reefs Storefront

5408 Port Royal Rd.
Suite L
Springfield, VA 22151

Store Hours:

Sunday: 12Pm – 5pm
Monday & Tuesday: By Appointment
Wednesday: 3pm – 6pm
Thursday: 1pm – 6pm
Friday: 1pm – 6pm
Saturday: 1pm – 6pm